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Frutorbel Juices


Founded in 1994, Frutórbel - Frutas, Lda is a fruit and vegetable import and distribution company with headquarters in Sintra which operates in the Lisbon Region Supply Market (MARL).

Frutórbel - Frutas, Lda has followed closely the developments and needs of the domestic market and has made major investments in exotic products, 4th range and the direct import of herbs and berries, which is mainly aimed at specialist restaurants, luxury hotels, gourmet fruit shops and export to PALOP countries.

The quality of our products combined with an accurate, professional, and experienced service rooted in the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, allows Frutórbel - Frutas, Lda to operate in major channels supplying supermarkets, catering companies, supermarkets, hotels, fruit shops, restaurants and bakeries.

By strengthening business partnerships with major European importers and producers, Frutórbel - Frutas, Lda can market products from anywhere in the world, including:

Cherries from Argentina, Figs from Brazil, Lychees from Madagascar, Finger Limes from Australia, Dates from Tunisia, Grenadias from Colombia, Nashi Pears from China, Pitayas from Thailand, Herbs from Israel, Mangoes from Brazil,etc.



Some of our products
  1. Frutas
  2. Hortícolas
  3. Raízes
  4. Exóticos
  5. Ervas Aromáticas
  • Abacate
  • Abacaxi
  • Alperce
  • Ameixa
  • Ananás
  • Banana
  • Cerejas
  • Diospiro
  • Figo Fresco
  • Kiwi
  • Kiwi Gold
  • Laranja
  • Limão
  • Limas
  • Maçã
  • Manga
  • Marmelo
  • Melancia
  • Melão Amarelo
  • Melão Branco
  • Melão Casca de Carvalho
  • Melão Pele de Sapo
  • Melão Tendral
  • Meloa Cantaloupe
  • Meloa Gália
  • Meloa Santa Maria
  • Morango
  • Nectarina
  • Nêspera
  • Pêras
  • Pêssego
  • Romã
O abacate é um fruto arrendondado ou piriforme, de peso médio de 500 a 1.500g. Sua casca varia, em colorido, do verde ao vermelho-escuro, passando pelo pardo, violáceo ou negro. As suas três principais variedades são a Strong (cor verde) a Hass (cor roxa) e o Bacon. É rico em açúcares e vitaminas e possui um dos mais elevados teores de proteínas entre as frutas.
Quality & innovation

Quality & innovation

Frutórbel - Frutas, Lda is a company that has been certified under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System since May 2009, which aims to supply increasingly wide-ranging, demanding and competitive markets and open doors to little explored areas of business, in particular export.

Through the implementation of a Quality Management System according to the NP EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, Frutórbel - Frutas, Lda seeks to improve the efficiency of management, allowing increased satisfaction among end customer and more effective internal business processes.

Our Vision:
With a view to increasing competitiveness, our Vision includes recognition of the quality of the products we sell combined with a competitive price, offering total customer satisfaction and at the same time ensuring highly effective operations. Thus, our Vision is based on improvement throughout the whole organisation, particularly in the management system of the company and the resources and professional skills of our employees.

Our commitment:

  • To ensure compliance with customer requirements, legal requirements and other requirements relevant to our operations.
  • To continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • To increase overall customer satisfaction by offering quality products and services.
  • To develop a management system based on objectives and targets, so as to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in our internal processes.
  • ITS Innovation:
    The Department of Innovation and Quality was created in November 2011 with the aim of making known the latest in exotic and gourmet products, offering the opportunity to meet the demands of our customers by combining imagination with refinement.

    Partnerships with importers and/or producers in the southern hemisphere, Europe and Asia has allowed Frutórbel - Frutas, Lda to gain access to a wide range of exotic products and offer added value to our customers.

    The information and dissemination of these products is undertaken through a technical mailing List targeting Executive chefs, F&B Managers and people in charge of purchasing.

    Brands & Partners

    Brands & Partners

    Some brands we sell:

    Sudtirol Val Venosta Del Monte Carmel Agrexco Fruit World Koopert Cress Pink Lady Native Produce Yukon Thai Fresh Fruit SunBelle Green Peru EICSA Geofur Arava Agroes Nica Indaia Exotic Brazil


    Praceta Cristovão Falcão, lote 56 - 9ºA
    2745-746 Massamá - Queluz

    Mercado Abastecedor da Região de Lisboa
    Lugar do Quintanilho
    2670-838 São Julião do Tojal
    Pavilhão A06 - Box 126/026

    Office: +351 214 397 085
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    Mobiles: +351 968 059 066
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